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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for search engines like Google, are essential for all e-commerce businesses that want to prosper. However, incurring SEO errors can lead to an inevitable decline in Google rankings. In this article we explain what are the most common strategy mistakes and how to act to avoid them.

Precisely because of the important role played by SEO techniques, a bad use of them is lethal in an e-commerce. This article focuses, fundamentally, on the errors for Google, since it is the most used search engine. An online store that manages to be placed in the top positions of Google will also rank high on other platforms. Here are the most common mistakes when positioning your brand on the internet.

Using poor quality keywords

Once the need to use SEO is understood, misusing keywords is probably one of the most commonly made mistakes. It is usually a characteristic of inexperienced businesses in Austin. SEO errors like this should be avoided and to do this, it is necessary to move away from general terms that do not provide relevant information about your products.

In SEO, you have to be specific and descriptive. You have to choose good keywords, which end up becoming sales. For example, if you sell suitcases, the keyword cannot be just suitcases because this will make you compete for a position on the Web with thousands of businesses that sell suitcases. You have to list the details of the products well, and define them specifically to generate results that can be converted into sales and limit competition. For example, leather suitcases for carry-on luggage.

Write content without formatting

Content that you want to position well must have proper formatting that is SEO friendly. Format includes those headings or headlines, titles, and subtitles of the page, labeled with HTML codes h1, h2, and h3. The letters highlighted in bold are also part of the format. When these formats are not used, Google does not receive any information about what the keywords of the article are. It is expected that this will have a negative effect on the functioning of the optimization techniques. 

Choosing an unreliable SEO agency

It is advisable not to adjust the budget too much, in terms of positioning. To understand it, a small analogy can help: it is necessary to keep in mind that the engine of the sales of an online trade is the page in which it appears in the search results and gasoline for this are SEO techniques. Employing exaggeratedly cheap SEO techniques is like using gasoline that is too cheap in the car. It will be more economical, but, in the long term, it can seriously damage the engine.

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